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Artificial Trees

Premium Decorative Artificial Trees To Complete Your Interior Design With Enhanced Ambiance. All Trees Come With Free 2-Day Shipping And A 100% Customer Service Guarantee.

Our Unique Product Takes Decorating With Greenery To The Next Level.
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Decorative Fake Tree FAQ

Want to add harmony to your space with beautiful artificial trees? Check out our FAQ section to discover for yourself why our trees are one of the most sought after products of 2020!

What Makes Our Fake Trees Different?

Lush Organic Appearance - Bring the harmony of the great outdoors to your indoor space. Add the tranquility and natural beauty of greenery to your room with faux trees that look real.

Decorative Vase - The vase or pot/planter is a revolutionary decorative item. Our vases come in a wide array of color and style options, made by our team of professional designers. Now it’s easy to find indoor greenery decor that works with your desired color scheme.

Affordable Luxury Decor - Our vases feature faux reprints of some of the most desirable and expensive decorative planter styles. Some of our vase designs with faux marble, floral patterns, Japanese style, geometric, illustrations, and even famous artwork like Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Multiple Tree Types - We offer a wide variety of different styles. This is so you can best tailor the look and size to your space. Some options include the Areca Palm, Boxwood, Monstera Plant, Olive Tree, Eucalyptus, Bird of Paradise, and Ficus.

What Are The Advantages Of Indoor Greenery Decor?

Enjoy Nature - With so much time spent indoors, it can be hard to make time to enjoy the outdoors. Faux trees bring the beauty of the natural world to your room. Now you can enjoy the unique aesthetic of nature from the comfort of your indoor living room or office.

Enhanced Decor - Many believe that adding greenery to a space can make it more peaceful and enjoyable. The best part is with Pixondecor artificial trees, you can further enhance with this time tested decor item. The reason being can select a vase that's complementary to your decor theme.

No Nutritional Care - Everyone who has raised real plants knows it can be very time-consuming. After all, trees are living things and if you neglect them they can die. Artificial plants and trees don’t need watering or fertilizer. You also won’t need to pick up dead leaves. This eliminates your obligation to care for the plant.

No Sunlight Needed - Have you ever wished you could use greenery to improve a space that never sees the light of day? Now you can and for a great price! Turn your basement or office into the green paradise you dream of sitting in. After all, it’s impossible to kill a fake plant.

What Detailed Information About These Artificial Trees Do I Need To Know?

Size - Depending on the type of tree you desire, they range in size. The smallest start at 68 inches tall with the largest being 99 inches tall. The width of the trees ranges from 35 to 40 inches wide. The vase is 30 inches tall by 13 inches wide. These decorative indoor trees are noticeable, but at the same time not too big.

Indoor Display Only - This tree was specifically designed to be an indoor decor item. The vase is not waterproof and can become damaged if it gets too wet. For the best performance, we recommend that you only display your trees indoors.

High-Quality Materials - The trees on this list are primarily made of durable plastic material. Specific models also incorporate cloth and yarn into the leaves, and even real wood for the trunk. This is to maximize both genuine appearance and durability.

Maintenance - These trees require only the most minimal of maintenance. Remember, a fake tree means no watering or sunlight. When you think its dirty, just wipe it down with a nice dry cloth. Now that is certainly less work for a seemingly identical display.

What Is Included And What Is Set Up Like?

4 Pieces - This product includes only 4 pieces in total. Each order includes the artificial tree, the vase, the cap to the vase, and artificial moss to spread out on top of the cap at the base of the tree. These parts allow for easy setup and an authentic display.

Easy Assembly - Your tree comes almost fully ready to go. Assembly can take as little as seconds. Simply stand the vase up, insert the cap, then place the tree firmly in the cap. Lastly, spread the moss on top and you are ready to go! Simply receive your order and transform your space.

Bendable Branches - The branches of most of the trees are bendable to an extent. The exception being some of the faux wood branches. Certain models are more pliable than others. This is so that you can manipulate the shape of the tree to make it fit into your desired spot.

High Quality - We designed this product to look real and last a long time. We designed this product to enhance the decor in your space. The beautiful tree plus innovative decor style of the vase allows you to take your home decor to the next level.

What If I Have More Questions About Your Artificial Trees?

At Pixondecor, we pride ourselves on high-quality products and outstanding customer service. If you need anything or have questions, reach out to us ASAP. Our US-based customer service team will get back to you quickly. Enhance your space with a decorative artificial tree from Pixondecor. Shop now!